Thursday, November 28, 2013


Today is Thanksgiving Day and we were out all day. We stayed at my friend's house for lunch time and at dinner time we were at my sister in law. We ate too much food from Filipino foods to American foods. My husband and our children went home early after lunch because he was not feeling well, and he picked me up before we went to my sister in laws house. It was good to see my friends and family. I think I see some  of them once or twice a year. When we came home was already late and our home was so messy. My children  were making a lot of mess and the carpet was so dirty. If I would ask the cleaning services in harrisburg, but I could not. Tomorrow I might make time to clean the house and vacuum the carpet. I cannot stand a dirty house. Anyway, we had a great Thanksgiving lunch and dinner with our friends and family. 

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