Saturday, March 17, 2012

Easter Gifts you can give that aren’t Chocolates

Easter is one of the loveliest holidays of the year. It is similar to Christmas only that it doesn’t involve the pressure of catering preparations and weeks of shopping. Easter also marks the start of spring where everyone expects the weather to improve. A change in season such as spring is always welcome. Everyone enjoys as the days are getting brighter and longer and outside becomes welcoming. At this time, the bulbs start to peek through the muddy flower beds, leaves start to bud on the trees, and your cat starts to hunt again.

The Easter festival is celebrated amongst Christian communities. Its date is movable and changes each year, which is decided by the moon cycle. This festival comes at the end of the Lent. Traditionally, Christians have been fasting for forty days during the Lent. Christians are ready for some celebration after denying of anything good. Easter is the time where most of us gift Easter gifts that are sweet and chocolaty. Oh, the egg-shaped things and gifts are also ideal to give.

Easter acknowledges the rebirth of Christ. The egg is the best symbol of new life. This is the main reason why people celebrate Easter with chocolate eggs, cakes with marzipan eggs and roasted spring lamb. For non-Christians, Easter is a celebration of spring. The egg is the symbol of the season, which means abundance.

Some gift ideas to give this year
Chocolate eggs are always available and commonly given to celebrate Easter. However, people are more concerned about their healthy lifestyle. Hence, many give other things and some chocolates that are good for adults. Most people combine giving some amount of delicious organic chocolate and non-chocolate gifts. A very good example is giving a new special mug stuffed with chocolates. Some would give a new egg cup with a chocolate egg.

Many people like to receive chocolates on Easter, but most people give them in few quantities and give other non-chocolate things. Hence, you can celebrate Easter by giving away some chicken-themed gifts. You can give a hen on a nest that can be filled with chocolates or chocolate eggs. You can also give a unique and new breakfast set decorated in chicken pattern. It can be a beautiful, new milk jug or teapot that always gets the day starting on the right mood.

There are many Easter gifts you can choose from when you do your shopping. You can find a lot of these gift ideas online.

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