Sunday, November 20, 2011

I hate moving

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

I was really excited when I got the promotion at work that I have been banking on getting for several months. The only negative of the promotion is that we have to move. I knew that moving was going to be such an ordeal. Six years ago if you had asked me to move I would have thought that it would be no problem. Now that we have three kids, everything takes longer and is so much more dramatic than it used to be. My wife is worried about the kids adapting to their new surroundings in the new house. I am worried that my wife won’t like our neighbors and that the neighborhood won’t be as safe as the one in which we live now. It just seems like things that did not used to be a be a big deal to me have become a big deal. At least one thing I won’t have to worry about in our new house is our energy rate. My boss suggested I go to and look into getting fixed-rate energy, which I did. Now if I can just get everything else figured out I can relax and enjoy my new position at work.

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