Monday, May 16, 2011

Dirty Jobs Make For Great TV

Contributed by Lavern Pena

Well, the Discovery Channel has another hit on its hands. Airing via on Tuesday nights, Dirty Jobs is quickly becoming one of my favorite educational programs. Although the content is often humorous as host, Mike Rowe, stumbles his way through dirty job after dirty job, the overall concept of the show is to expose the underdog, the lower and middle-class working men and women who are responsible for the very amenities our society has grown to depend on. While the concept of this show is great, I believe that much of its success lies with the funny, likeable personality of Mike Rowe. His ability to find humor even in the most disgusting and physically grueling situations has certainly earned him some respect in my mind. Covering a wide variety of businesses and industries, Rowe travels across the country to experience dirty jobs first-hand and learn what the average, working-class American goes through to earn a paycheck and put food on the table. Mike Rowe has worked in an incredibly extensive array of jobs including animal control specialist, cricket farmer, and poop collector. Dirty Jobs allows viewers to learn how many of their favorite products and services are made and gain a newfound appreciation of the human effort and labor that goes into them.

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