Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Online class

I am so busy here right now I am trying to do my online class and read all the information from the instructor. I do not know what to do first and I am worried because I do not have my text book yet and some of the materials that I need for this class. I bought some of the material I need this morning online and I am still shopping for the other textbook. I am looking to see where I can get the materials for less because if I buy all of them from the school bookstore it cost too much money and I need to use them all this week. So hopefully I can order my other book now so that I will receive them before the end of this week. My arms are so tired doing all this computer work and I still have to take a test here online. I might take a break for a few minutes and to rest my eyes. I am worried about my class I really want to pass all my classes this semester.

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