Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miss my phone

I do not know why I forgot my cell phone at work today, I am thinking about going back to work tomorrow to get it but I do not want to drive for twenty five minutes on the high way just to get my phone. I do not want to waste the gas in my car but I do not want to loss my phone either. I am sure nobody will take my phone because it is an old cheap cell phone. I just wish I had my name plates clip on the phone so that if somebody find it they will know that it belongs on me.

My husband and I have a lot of plans tomorrow it is Holiday and our son will be out of school and we are both off from work so it is a good time for us to do something special. We plan to take our children to Chuck E Chesses or go to the Children’s Aquarium in Dallas. My husband was washing all his uniform so that he does not have to worry about them while we are out and I noticed that our washer and drier have a custom labels name on it. It is funny that I just noticed that since I am washing our clothes almost everyday. Anyway, I miss my cell phone right now.

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