Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wonderful Christmas

Christmas is finally over, I mean it is over for us because we were done celebrating it a few hours ago all the family was here in our house and we ate and exchanged gifts with each other. Now I can finally rest and go to bed early. I did not do any cooking today only my husband was while I was busy cleaning up the house this morning. Last night I went to sleep late because I was busy wrapping all the presents and I would like to share with you what my son was doing. He woke up around 2am and went to the living and saw all the presents under the tree and he told us that Santa had came by already. He did not want to go back to sleep because he was excited to open his presents. Around 4 am he told me again that he could not go back to sleep thinking about the presents, finally he went back to sleep. I liked my Christmas this year not for the presents but I feel very blessed with my family and friends. It is really a wonderful Christmas!

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