Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Celtics Fan Being Honest About The Celtics

The article written by Victor Flowers

I'm a die-hard Celtics fan. Every night they have a game, I put on my Garnett jersey, set my home security alarm (systems ADT Sacramento), and take the T to the game. I will say that I'm excited about the Celtics this year, but I'm also a realist. Let's look at the facts. I'm going to do my best to pretend I'm not a Celtics fan. Okay, they definitely have the best defense in the entire NBA. Garnett is a monster on defense. Rondo is a great point guard, even though he might be a little overrated. Ray Allen is a key to our success, but he's also a key to our failure. Whether he's hot or cold, he's going to keep shooting. And since he can’t be hot every game, this is eventually going to lead to a problem - like it has in the past. Pierce is solid in every area, but he tends to breakdown in the 2nd half of the season. This is what happened last year. If that happens again, we have no shot. When Garnett is hitting his mid-range jumper, we’re in good shape, but I don’t like relying on jump shots. Shaq is being used correctly because he’s not getting too many minutes. Overall, we need to stay healthy and take the rock to the hole a little more often. I hope this is our year, but I’m concerned.

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