Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not done shopping

I am so sleepy right now sitting in front of the computer. I got off early from work today I wish I did not have to got to work on Sunday especially around Christmas time because I wanted to go to church but unfortunately I have to and it is not okay with me but I have to work. Since I got home I have not been able to rest I have been doing a lot of chores, I had planned to bring my children to my Mother in laws house later so that I could go to store and shop. I wanted to do some Christmas shopping I am not done yet and I still have to buy for my family and friends. I have a long list but I will see if I have enough money to spend. Actually I really do not know what to buy because I have very little money to spend and I have not shopped for my children yet but we will see of what can I do.

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