Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Displaying all my jewelry

Guest post written by Patty Collins

I take a lot of pride in my jewelry collection. I guess that I don't have nearly as many pieces as lots of other women do, most of it has actually been gifts. But, I do treasure the pieces that I have and they are some really great ones. I love to show them off, but I don't even have a good jewelry display or box that I can use to put them in.

I thought that I would find a really nice way to display my jewelry pieces so that I could appreciate them even when I'm not wearing them. It wouldn't hurt for other people to be able to see them at any time in my house too. When I was looking online for that, I found this website that had all kinds of internet specials on it and chose to sign up for one of them.

Well, I did find an idea for a DIY jewelry display that I thought would be perfect for what I wanted to do. I got the cork board for it and painted it the accent color of my bedroom, so it fits in perfectly with my stuff.

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