Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Star of My Favorite Morning News Program

Posted by Von Battle

My favorite news program is the morning weekly newscast called Morning Rush. Its a two hour program that deals with events happening around the area. They have two meteorologist and a traffic guy who gives the viewers a inclination on what will be expected when they head out on the roads. Although they do have two anchors Lynna Lai and Brian Duffy,my favorite part of the whole newscast is Lynna Lai who has been a professional anchor for a long time. Yes they do have interesting stories from a study about men who stare at breast live longer to the story about Lebron James Leaving the Cavaliers, It's all very entertaining and informative. But again when I watch my favorite news program on DirecTV Virginia the most favorite element of the show is Lynna Lai. You can sense when you watch this show that with out the star it wouldn't be much of anything. The way the anchor just turns a neutral story into a down right entertaining piece is incredible. Even though the attractive Anchor Lynna Lai has only been on this morning show for only a year I can see that she is going to go far with this new newscast.

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  1. I have had a great experience with directv Virginia state is a great state to have directv in. I get all of the games I want, and growing up on the West coast, I need to see my Ducks! But they're hardly ever on National TV. But with Directv, I get every game each week. Ahh yeah.