Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reputation Is Important In Fantasy Football

Guest post of the week by Bradley Guthrie

I have been playing in a well-run fantasy football league for four years. The people in my league live in New York and I now live in North Carolina. This makes it a little bit more difficult, but we use wireless satellite internet for our draft, so everything goes pretty smoothly. During the year, we talk trash on the message board or through text. I won my league the first season. A lot of this had to do with making a killer trade, which was Curtis Martin for Larry Johnson in the middle of the season. It was an absolute steal at that time. The only problem was that this led to me having a reputation of a rip-off artist, which kept me from making quality trades in the future. Everyone always felt I knew something they didn't know. I have spent a lot of time trying to repair this reputation. If I don't repair it, I will have no chance of winning. In order to win in fantasy football, you need to make trades.

This year, I have a plan. I'm actually considering throwing away this year for a better chance at future success. I'm going to purposely make trades that are extremely unfair to me. This will lead people to wanting to trade with me down the road. This might sound crazy, but it has already been proven to me that one trade can stick with you for 4 years.

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