Monday, August 2, 2010

It is faster now

It is been two days since I last used my laptop because of a virus attacked and it is killing me. I had no choice but to use my husband’s PC which I do not like. I like to use my own laptop and my son is always playing games on the PC. So today my husband had a day off from work he went to Fry’s and bought AVG internet security. He worked on it a few hours to fix it and now I can finally use it. I was worried that it wouldn’t be fixed and I could not pay our bills online that are due this week but I was glad that he got it repaired. If it was only me I could not fix it I do not know anything about computers. I was worried that I would have to buy a new laptop for I do not want to spend money for the new one yet. Now my computer is working and it is faster and it is because of my husband.


  1. nice!

    computer troubles can really be a pain sometimes.maayo nalang naa ta'y saviors Jul, hehe. As for me I've already learned a little bit when it comes to technical prob. although I still sought help from experts pag dili na makaya, hehe!

  2. Sus maynalng naay hubby nga tig ayo hehehe. kapoy lge ning virus online uy makayabag ug makalangan, ug makasungot.

    Naka suroy na gyud ko jul, bloghop ko hinay hinay pamawi sa mga abset heheh

  3. Maayo diay kay kabalo imong fafa san moayo. Akong banahot kay was ni know-how sa computers oy,mas naa pa koy nabal-an...iyang sulbad kung naay problema kay palit nlng daw bag-o...toinks!