Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Television, my favorite pass-time

This is a guest posting by Ellie Taul

Nearly everyone around me told me that too much television would rot my brain. I suppose they thought it was in my best interest considering the amount of television that I watch. But even still with the threat of brain rot, I can’t live without television. Not a day goes by when I don’t turn on the TV to catch up with one of my favorite shows or discover new ones. I might boot up my DVR and watch a backlog of episodes I’ve been meaning to catch up on (Breaking Bad!), or even visit the On Demand channel to discover something new (Treme—it’s really great you should check it out). There was a short period when we first moved to our new house and didn’t have directv plus clear bundle. Let me tell you, that situation was remedied quickly (before we even bought living room furniture!). I don’t even think society can argue any more that TV is just a toaster with pictures. It tells us stories, informs us, and connects us to our fellow human beings. So yes, it is hard for me to be separated from TV. But that doesn’t embarrass me at all. I’d rather watch a gritty and realistic drama than read a bad romance novel any day. Wouldn’t you?

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