Monday, June 14, 2010

Went Swimming

This afternoon my son and I went to the city swimming pool. It was the first time we have been there it is closed to our house only a 5 minutes drive. I did not bring my daughters with us because it was so hot so they stayed at the house with their daddy. While we were there I saw a lot of Filipino’s from the church were we used to attend and they invited me to join them for a birthday party. We stopped going to the church because my husband and I are both working every Sunday now. I talked to the pastor and he asked me again to come back to the church. I really would like to go back there with my family but I do not know when we will be able to go. Anyway, it was a coincidence that we saw each other at the pool. My son was having a blast in the pool and we plan to go again next Monday maybe I will bring the girls. I did not go swimming because I was busy eating and talking with the people from the church.

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