Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This afternoon my friend and I took my children to Target. I only wanted to buy a small sling bag that I could use at work. When we were in the store I was looking for sun glasses too because I do not like the ones I have now but my children were shopping too. I did not have plans to buy anything them but they found some sunglasses for $6 each and I would need to buy 3 so it would be $18. I was thinking about going to the Dollar store where I can get kids sun glasses for only a dollar but when I took the glasses away from my daughter Beth she started screaming and crying. I had no choice but to buy the sunglasses for them and give up buying sunglasses for myself. When I called my husband he said that it is okay his children are worth $6. So we came back home with only a sling bag for me which ok that’s what I want anyway I will get my sunglasses next time.

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