Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Bear

Guest post written by Brandy Weems.

One of the most adorable shows I have ever seen made for kids is "Little Bear." This show depicts the life of a family of bears and how they cope with day-to-day situations. I love this show, because it is depicted in a nurturing and family-oriented way, rather than thriving off of edginess or violence. I watch Little Bear all the time with my youngest ones when we simply want to cuddle up before bedtime.

Little Bear" focuses on the life of one young bear. He is a kind, gracious, and loving bear. He treats everyone he meets with respect. I do like this show, because it has a calming and soothing effect on children. Many shows I watch with my children thrive off of excitement that can be just too overbearing for young children. This show seeks to comfort children and put them at ease. I enjoy watching "Little Bear" on with my kids for the positive effect it has on them.

”Little Bear" is an extraordinary show for its graphics as well. I think the characters are drawn beautifully and unlike any other show I have seen. Many scenes take place in beautiful forests and natural scenes, which I think adds to the calming effect of the show. Overall, I highly recommend this program for families.

Note: This is a guest post!

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