Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's day to all the Fathers

It is father’s day once again and it is time to give the father’s in our life a great big hug and a kiss. This morning I went shopping at the mall hoping to find the best deal for my husband but I did not find anything he would like. I really wanted to buy him a watch. I saw one in the sales paper that I could afford but when I got to the store they said that it was out of stock already. I was upset I was in hurry to go there and then when I got there I bought nothing. I really do not want to go in the store today because it is very hot outside and hard to find a parking space for our car and there is always a lot of people but because of my husband I went there. It is supposed to be a surprise tomorrow but it is okay I can still fine something for him tomorrow after work but that is if I am not tired.

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