Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Vacation to Cancun

Note: This is a guest post by Kelly Tripo

Last Spring my husband and I went on a vacation to Cancun, Mexico. We were very excited to take this vacation, because we had been saving for it for over a year. When the day of our vacation finally arrived, we set our adt Texas alarm system and left for the airport.

After we got our luggage checked in, we decided to have some breakfast at the airport. We actually look forward to eating breakfast at the airport, because they have the best bagel shop at the airport. After breakfast, we anxiously awaited for our airplane to arrive.

Once we were on the plane, we both quickly feel asleep. Once we both woke up, we were almost in Cancun. At this point we were both so excited we could hardly stand it. When we looked out the window all we could see was the beautiful turquoise water.

Once we landed, we quickly got our luggage and took a cab to our hotel. When we got to our hotel we couldn't believe how beautiful it was. The hotel was right on the beach and had three swimming pools. One of the swimming pools even had a swim up bar.

Once we got settled into the hotel, we headed to the pool with the swim up bar. We had drinks at the bar and then went swimming. The atmosphere at the pool was amazing. There was a bad playing Mexican music and everyone seemed to being having a great time.

The next morning we took a bus to the downtown shopping area. This was an open market shopping area. I bought myself a new purse. My husband bought a t-shirt and a new hat. It was fun just walking around visiting the different outside shops.

After shopping we headed back to the hotel to spend some time at the beach. We had a great time laying on the gorgeous beach.

The rest of the week we spent shopping , drinking, and laying on the beach. This was by far one of the best vacations we have ever had.

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