Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Playing Outside

Earlier this month my husband spent more than $200 dollars for a new video game machine of our son’s birthday. When my son got the video games he was very happy because all he wanted for his birthday was video games. For the first week he could not stop playing the games, he even brought it with him wherever he went but not in the school. Lately I just noticed that he has not even touch the games or paid attention to it. He does not know where he put it although my husband hid it to keep the girls away from it. He is already tired of playing with it and all he wants is to play outside with the little blond girl that lives across the street. My husband makes jokes to me that if he had a choice to play video games or with the blond girl who is the same age. It is funny though. I am not sure if I should be thankful that my son not hooked on video games like the other kids. For now he is just enjoying playing with all the neighbors’ kids and the little blond girl.

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