Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Party at Animal House

Note: This is a guest post by Phillip Seymone.

The classic movie Animal House, has been enjoying a recent amount of airtime on Satelite tv lately. Released in 1978 and starring John Belushi, the movie quickly became the defining experience of American college life. Set at the fictional Faber College in 1962 the movie follows the Delta Tau Chi fraternity and the collection of characters that make up the house.

The movie begins with two incoming freshman Larry Kroger and Kent Dorfman attempting to gain access to Omega Theta Pi fraternity, the most established and well-known fraternity on campus. Yet they are quickly rejected and make their way to the Delta Tau Chi house. This is the introduction to the worst fraternity on campus and is placed on "double secret probation" early on in the movie. Kroger and Dorfman are instantly accepted into the fraternity and receive the nicknames Pinto and Flounder respectively.

The movie continues along by following the daily antics of the Delta Tau Chi house. Different antics include harassing the cadets and officers at ROTC training, starting a food fight in the cafeteria, organizing a now classic college event the toga party, stealing the wrong exams for tests, and heading to surrounding campuses to meet women. Along the way they meet Otis Day and the Nights and watch a classic performance of the song Shout.

However it isn't all fun for the Delta's as their house G.P.A. is so low that the dean of Faber expels the entire fraternity notifying the draft board of their eligibility. After an unsuccessful attempt to save not only themselves and their house they Delta Tau Chi boys head off on a road trip to plan their final revenge.

In the final act of revenge the Delta's build their own custom float for the homecoming parade that they were left out of and successfully and completely destroy the parade, with the movie ending showing where each member of the house is today.

Note: This is a guest post!

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