Monday, May 17, 2010

Gun Holster

Note: This is a guest post by Greg Johnson.

My husband is a police officer. He likes to carry his gun when off duty, but was having trouble with it not feeling comfortable. He decided that he wanted a new holster for his Walter P22 that he carries off duty. It had to conceal the weapon where no one could see it.

We started looking online to find the perfect holster. By researching it on our satellite internet, we were able to find exactly what he had been looking for in a holster. We found several different ones that he liked, but did not want to purchase them all. Since he doesn't always wear jeans, he did not want an ankle holster. This type might show in shorts or with certain pants. He did not want a side holster because this is what he had in the past and did not like. It would get caught on shirts and show sometimes.

We finally decided on a back holster. It goes in the back of his pants right at the belt loops. It has snaps that go around your belt. This holds it in place and it does not move at all. It is also very concealed. You can not tuck your shirt in with this type of holster. It is great because it does not dig into his back at all when sitting down for dinner or to drive. He was very happy with the decision we made for this purchase. Being able to look online on our hughesnet internet and read reviews helped so much on this choice. We were also able to order it from a store and have it sent directly to our home. This saved a lot of time. We are very glad we had this option available when making this purchase.

Author: Greg Johnson

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