Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Like to Say Yay Everyday

Note: This is a guest post!

After leaving art school after four years I'm really missing all the exposure to different kinds of art I used to have on a regular basis. I work on my pieces all of the time but I don't exactly gain anything from only seeing my work. I miss being exposed to numerous artists working in many different mediums. That's what brought me to the site, which is a site specially designed for artists. I love checking out what's new each day. There's always something amazing, something I never would have thought of creating. It's a great source of inspiration for me.

What's great about my setup is that I have CLEAR Wireless bundled together with my Direct TV, so I can take my laptop outside and enjoy the outdoors while I peruse Yay Everyday or while watching my favorite programs on TV. Each morning I like to be on the patio with my green tea and notebook and jot down notes or sketches from things I see on the site. I love being able to take my Internet connection wherever I want.

Inspiration can strike anywhere. Who knows where my next great piece may come from! I really find a lot of artistic inspiration in nature, from the tress to a stream to a pile of stones.I've been working on my gallery and online portfolio as I go. It would be great to one day open Yay Everyday and come across a sample of my work. How awesome would it be if I were to be the inspiration to someone else's work?

Author:Courtney Hanson

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