Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally sat down

I finally sat down on our couch. I have been waiting all day to sit down and relax I was so busy today. I went to work this morning and when I came home I took my children to visit their grandma. I left them there and my sister in law and I went to the mall shopping for a few hours. So I have been on my feet walking all the time and never got a chance to sit down. My legs are sore and tired.

I told myself that walking a lot is good for me it is my exercise for today but I think maybe it was too much exercise. It is better if I was at a fitness center because that way I could have regular exercise because they always say it is good to have regular exercise routine. Maybe at a fitness center I could have use a device BodyGem that measures resting metabolic rate. At MedGem they do measure your metabolic rate too and with the Futrex a body composition analyzer. I had never heard about this kind of equipment it is all new to me but I think they are all important to use when you want to get back in shape.

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