Sunday, March 7, 2010

FB rocks

A few weeks ago I was searching for my friends in Facebook and I found one of them. We were working together in Cebu before and we lost contact after we got laid off from the company. Although I was still living in Cebu and got another job with another company and my friend went home to her province. She was one of my best friends and when I searched her name there at FB I could not find her. I remember that her sister had the same name as me Juliet so I searched for her and I found her there. She really looks like my friend so I sent her a message but she never replied to me. I checked her friends and I saw one family picture that looks like my friend with the account of a man and his name that was familiar for me and sent him a message. The man is her husband; I had met him before maybe 8 years ago he is in the Middle East now. I was so happy and to make a long story short this afternoon I got a message from FB it was from my friend. The FB rocks it really helps me find my friend. I miss my friend a lot and I am looking forward to talking with her again.

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  1. Lagi daghan ta friends mahinagbo sa FB uy, malingaw sd ko. sa IZEA jul naa sila pakulo usahay, karon nanghatag sila bird feeders sa taga south, apil didto ky frre is always