Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cleaning the car

Yesterday when I was waiting to pick up my son I was cleaning up my car. I was wiping the car with a rag and glass cleaner. When I came home I vacuum the carpet and took out all the stuff on the floor. It was mostly toys and trash from my children. After cleaning it up I was very tired. I had planed to clean up my car a few weeks ago but I always would said later on my day off. But it never happened because every time I am off from work I have a lot of things to do and cleaning the car is not a priority. I was glad that I finally cleaned it yesterday and my son is very happy that it is clean. It is always nice to ride and drive in a clean car even you have an ugly car as long as it is clean it is still nice to ride in. Next time if I have time I plan to clean my husband truck. I think I will need extra time to clean his truck because it is so messy. I do not know why men like to be messy.

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