Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happiness Award

For the passed few months I was thinking and wondering of why nobody gave me an award. But now I finally have one from the pretty and sweet Kat from iTravel. I am very happy and to think that the title of this award is Happiness Award. So I am very thankful for this. I will try to write down the things that make me happy.

The 10 Things that makes me happy:

1. If I sit down in the kitchen and drink my coffee with chocolate cookie in the morning
2. If I can cook food for our dinner.
3. If my children are not sick
4. If I can sit down in the couch and watch TV that I like
5. If my friends will come over to visit me for chit-chat
6. If the house is not a mess when I came home from work
7. If I have opps
8. If I chat with my family
9. If my husband has overtime pay from his work
10. And lastly, if my husband cooks food for us

There are still more that make me happy but they only ask ten. Now I am passing this award to:

Cecile, Anne, Sweetiepie, Lisgold, Kittykat, Melanie, Liza and Grace. Please grab this award thanks.


  1. Hi Juliet, thanks for this very cute award. It has been awhile, too, that I had no award.
    How is the weather there in Texas right now?

  2. Juliet, gi tag sad ta ka ani uy :-); add na lang nako imong name pagbalik na ko ugma gikan sa hospital; salamat!

  3. Hi sis..sorry for the late post of the tag you gave me..but I did it anyway..salamat kaayo...

    here's the link..