Sunday, February 7, 2010

watching sports

I was so busy watching sports on TV. First I was watching NBA the Celtics and Magic and I thought the Celtics would win because they were up 10 points at the third quarter. But I did not know Magic was on top already and they ended up winning the games with a score of 96 to 89. After basketball I was watching the Super Bowl. I was already in front of the TV when they kicked off and it was fun to watch. I was rooting for New Orleans and I was glad that they won. Payton Manning and the Colts are good but I think this time was for New Orleans and they deserve to win. Congratulations to the Saints teams and to the super bowl MVP Drew Brees!

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  1. hello mami was your weekend...agi lang ko dire kadali kay sleepy head nako.....thanks sa dalaw ug comment!