Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

It is Monday again so time for the MYM meme. Last week I forgot to post my entry so this time I posted it early. I was looking at pictures here on my computer and I found this one. It is my daughter she is trying to play with the Bumblebee Transformer of my son. I think my son was asleep at that time when she was playing with Bumblebee because if he was awake she is not allowed to touch it.



  1. Aguy ang lil girl ni juliet nagduwa ug robot hehehe.

  2. I have two boys and both of them are crazy about Transformers. One likes Optimus Prime and the other one Bumblebee..

    Happy Mellow yellow monday!

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  3. A case of 'While the cat's away........'

  4. ha ha, my son also has Transformer toy and his sister is not allowed to touch it either :-)

  5. Hahaha! Kids will be kids!!!
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  6. Your girl in yellow is so cute even if I see her back only.
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  7. sus, mao sad ning akong bunso Ju, hilig pod ug transformer kaso sa kalihok sa kamot, usahay ma sobrahan ug porma porma, naputol na hinoon...maka lagot..maayo unta kung baratohon lang...pero imo girl dalikyat ug dula sa robot ha? hehehe