Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

It is Monday again and it is time for my entry in the Mellow Yellow Monday! This picture was taken from our backyard last month with my friend Cecile and her son Jacob the other kids are our neighbor. The kids were having fun playing in the backyard and climbing the trees. I think the tree is beautiful with its yellow leaves starting to fall to the grounds.

Jacob, my son Freddy and neighbors friends.

Cecile and I


  1. Aha first time kita makita sa MYM hehehe... Lovely pictures jules.

    Sweet Smile for Mellow Yellow Monday.

  2. Hi Cil...the kids had so much fun. Those climbing trees moment is the moment I couldn't forget with when I was young. As in I am like a spider going from one branch to another hehe. Happy weekdays!

    My MYM

  3. Oohhh!! They look so happy and gay. I miss my childhood days.

    Yellow Lily in Sicily

  4. hahaha...mao nay akong trabaho sa gamay pa ko Ju..kat-kat diri, kat-kat didto bahalag mabunalan basta kay maka katkat hahaha.

    Nice entry Ju kay fun times man sa mga kids.

    ang ako MYM naa sa iTravel

  5. hahaha, nakabaladra man diay akong nawong dire uy, abinako kung kinsa nga tambok eh :-); ulaw man ta kay perting pangita man ko uy.