Wednesday, December 16, 2009

For the first time

I never said anything about Tiger Woods but now I want to for the first time. I like Tiger Woods and I always watched golf games especially if he was playing on TV. But a few weeks ago he was always in the news about his infidelity. It was the day after Thanksgiving or after that day that Tiger Woods hit the fire hydrant with his car and crashed it in the trees outside his home. After that there were a lot of tabloids reports about him and all his Girlfriends. A few days ago he said that he wanted to take a leave from golf to focus to his family and try to save his marriage. I thought that Tiger was a good man and faithful to his wife but I was wrong. I think the way he was good at golf he was also that good with the women. I know they are a young couple, imagine he is the number one golfer in the world and all the women want him. But I believe if he loves and respect his wife even though all the women want him he could avoid them if he wanted to. Maybe he loves the attention he got from the women so it was okay with him. All marriages have their ups and down. I wish Tiger success in saving his marriage.


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