Monday, November 16, 2009

dried fish

This morning I went to Kroger after taking my son to school. I saw in their sales paper that they had a sale on their meat so I bought a lot. Yes, because I am tired of always eating dried fish. I have been eating dried fish since last week and my friend gave me more yesterday. That is one of my problem if I have dried fish I can not stop eating it that is why I do not buy it but if my friend give me some I can not resist. Before every time I went to our neighbor’s house and they were eating dried fish they always said “we can not afford to buy meat so we eat only dried fish“. I think we eat dried fish not because we are poor we eat it because it is our native food and we like its taste.

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  1. hoyyyyyyyy palaway ka ay. panglabay oi pinikas kau ug buwad dugay na raba ko wala kakaon buwad although naa koy gamay gitaguan haha pang souvenir..