Sunday, June 2, 2013

likes to work

Every Sunday I am working, but not today. I am taking off from work in Sundays already unless they really need me there. I do this because my manager said I need a day off. I like to work every day and if I have a day off I feel sad. I feel like when I do not earn money in a day it is not good for me. Some people at work think I am crazy for working too much, but actually I feel like I am not. I told them that if I do not have children I would like to work twenty four hours a day and seven days awake. They think was joking, but I was not. I just like to work and keep going. I feel like I never get tired of working as long as I get paid. I am happy to be home and spend time with my family, but I like to work too. When I am home I cannot sit down and relax I keep going. I think they are right I am crazy, but maybe just a little bit.

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