Sunday, July 8, 2012

not enough time

It is ten at night here now and I am already sleepy. I still like to work on my online task, but I do not have enough time anymore. I have to get ready to go to bed now because I have to work tomorrow. I am supposed to be off tomorrow, but they asked me to work. I hate to work, but I needed the money so it is okay. I wish I can find another job soon. It is hard to find another job right now. Employers hire people who has experience only and it is too bad. I wish I have all the experience that they are looking for. I like to be a manager, but they want the experience. How can I have the experience if they would not hire me. I like to work at the hospital, but they want to hire people who have the certificate. Well, I am still working on it. I guess, I have to stay in my job right now until there is something good coming in.

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