Sunday, March 4, 2012

free poker tournaments

I like to play games online but I have no time to play. My friend Marivic keeps inviting me to play and I keep telling her I have no time for it. She likes to play games online so whenever she is on the computer she is playing. Last year when my husband and I went to the store he bought  poker chips. He want us to play poker at home. I like to play poker but the problem is I do not know how. I get confused. On our Christmas party at work we had a casinos and a lot of my friends were playing cards. I wish I know how to play poker so that I can play a FreePokerTournaments.

I think playing poker tournament would be fun. Sometimes I see on TV people playing the tournament and they have fun. Although I am trying my best to understand  the games it is still confusing to me. My husband  said it is really easy. It is easy for him because he knows how to play it, and he always has fun playing it. He even want us to go to the casino every now and then so he can play poker. I told him to just play online it is better and it is also fun. I am sure that poker online is a lot more fun and enjoyable.

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