Sunday, November 13, 2011

I like to smile

I like to smile and I like to make people smile but because of my teeth I do not smile very often. I do not like to smile when my picture is taken so when somebody takes a picture on me I do not smile. Sometimes I am not in the picture. I like it better when I am the one who takes the pictures. I would like to go to the dentist but I am afraid to. I would like to ask about my teeth and how to make them pretty. My husband told me I should go to the dentist and have them check my teeth so that I can smile again.

I am worried about the cost if I go to the dentist although I do not know how much it would cost. I have dental insurance but I could not find a dentist that I like here in our area. I think I should go to 33smile to get the best Teeth Whitening San Antonio has to offer. It is hard to find a dentist that makes me comfortable. Last year I went to a dentist but I did not like him plus they charged too much so I never went back to their clinic. They keep sending me a noticed to come back but I made up my mind not to. Hopefully I can find one before the end of this year.

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