Sunday, October 30, 2011

watching football

It is late and I am the only one who is awake. I am still watching football the Cowboys and Eagles. Unfortunately the games make me sleepy because the Cowboys have not scored until the third quarter. My husband woke up and told me to turn off the TV and go to bed because he knows that I am very tired already. He told me that he needs to get up early tomorrow to go to work. He has a lot of things to do at work like fix some air-conditions at the apartment tomorrow along with other things.

He works for an apartment complex but not at the Edmonton apartments were it is ready to move in. my husband works at the apartment making them ready to move into so he is always busy when he is at work. Sometimes I would like to help him but I can not do that I am busy with my work school and our children. It is just too bad that we are all busy every day with work but as they say it is better to be busy. Anyway, the Dallas Cowboys already lost to the Eagles.

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