Saturday, October 8, 2011

sexy apparels

The other day I was cleaning out my closet because I was going to get rid the clothes that I never wear anymore. I want to make more space in our closet. I found that I have a bunch of clothes that I have not worn in a long time. How could I wear them if they are hiding in the closet. I usually wear the clothes that I can see or just those in front with me when I open the closet. I found blue jeans, blouse and sexy apparels that my husband gave to me for our honeymoon. I never wore them after our honey moon and I thought that somebody took them but they were all hiding.

It was funny when I saw them I wanted to wear them again. Anyway, I put all the stuff in a box to send to my sister in the Philippines and my husband saw the Sexy Apparel in the box. I told him that they are going in the box but he took them out. He does not want me to send them but I told him they are old and I wanted new apparels. I told him that I wanted to shop for more stuff to put in the box. I have a giant box and it is almost full already.

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