Friday, October 14, 2011

plus size

Today while I was at work one of my co-worker called me to go with her to the parking lot. I asked why and she said that she had a bunch of clothes that she needed to give away and she asked if I would like them. The clothes were in her car and if I liked them I could take them. She was cleaning out her closet and she wanted to get rid of the clothes that she did not wear anymore. I got excited and I told her that I would take her clothes if she wanted me too.

I chose the clothes that I like and I thought would fit me. I got a lot of turtle neck blouses, skits, sweater, exercise clothes, long sleeve shirt and blue jeans. When I got home I tried them all on. I liked some of them but I got upset about the blues jeans because none of them would fit me they were all plus size jeans and I am petite. I liked the jeans but what can I do. I was a little disappointed about it but is still good because now I have more long sleeve skirt that I can wear this winter. I keep thanking my co-worker and I even told her that next time wants to clean her closet I could help her.

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