Thursday, October 13, 2011

no overtime

I am very busy around the house tonight. I took my son to his Baseball practice and I went to the grocery store for groceries. Then I was working on my homework and cleaning up the kitchen. I cooked pork chops for dinner and they were yummy. My husband was tired and just watched TV in the bedroom with our daughters. He was not felling well when he saw his pay stub from his job today.

He never gets paid enough hours from his job and now his manager said that he will get paid only by the job not by the hours. Before this when he had working over time he did get paid for it. His manager said no more over time so he stopped working more hours. I think it would be good if he had the California Overtime law that protects employees rights. To help people get paid the right way but what he can do he is only an employee. His company keeps changing their rules. I just hope that my husband can find another job soon.

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