Sunday, October 2, 2011

flea market shopping

Yesterday we went shopping with my friends at the flea market. We looked at a lot of things and I could not believe that there was so much stuff for sale at the flea market. We would not know what to buy because there are too many things to choose from and we could not make up our mind. My friends were hoping to find a pair of winter boots like the stuart weitzman boots to wear this winter but they never find any. I guess they were shopping at the wrong place.

I was looking for purses and hunter boots for my husband. It is nice to wear hunter boots during winter season. I never did find any hunter boots but we saw a lot of other boots but none of them were our size. I bought two new purses for me and some stuff for my daughters. It would be nice to go back there again but the flea market is only open every first Monday of the month so maybe we will go there again next month. I got very tired pushing my daughters in their stroller. It was a long day yesterday at the flea market but it was fun.

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