Saturday, October 8, 2011


I wanted to go shopping today but I ran out of time. I was busy cleaning the house and helping my husband clean up his garage. I wanted to shop for a sports bra for me because I am tired of wearing my under wire bra. I have one sports bra and I am using it all the time. Last time I went to the store I was shopping for a bra but I never found a bra that I liked. Every bra I tried on did not look good on me. I can not understand why I can not find a good bra.

I thought about wearing a sports bra instead. I know it would not look good on me because it makes me look flat chested but, it makes me comfortable. My husband told me to wear wearable Breastforms so that I would not conscious about my breast. I think he is right it really makes me uncomfortable looking flat chested. Maybe that is why I can not find any bra that fits me because I have a little bit up there. Breast forms are available in many different sizes and I can order a color that match my skin color. My husband gave me an idea that I will think about.

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