Sunday, October 2, 2011

Annuity Rates

My husband is trying to find another job. He is still working but it seems that he has a problem with his manager. He likes his job but he has other issues with the company. They do not offer any insurance and he needs health insurance very much. He does not have any and now he is thinking about his retirement. Not only his retirement but for me too, he wants both of us to be able to retire together. I know that it is not too soon to plan for but we need to save for it. He is worried that the Annuity Rates keep going up if we do not do it now to save for retirement.

He is right but how can we save for retirement if his company has no assurance for the employees. I told my husband to update his resume now so he can find a better company to work for that offers benefits to their employees. I hope he finds another job soon. When he got this job he thought that this is the one that he could retire from this company but too bad. They keep changing their benefits until there is nothings left for him. I am worried about that too because I need to save for our retirement.

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