Saturday, September 24, 2011

Speech project

This summer I took a summer writing class. I was trying to finish all my developmental classes as soon as I could. I thought that I would not passed my writing class but I did and I was very happy. I was a little worried about my writing class because it is hard for me to write in standard English. This semester I have another writing class and it is still the same it is hard for me I get confused sometimes. I have a little trouble with it plus my other class like Math and Speech. I am trying my best in every class I take.

I have to work on my Speech project were I have to make a survey about the new technology and how it affects our lives in today’s world especially our young people. I have to make it clear then make a presentation in front of my classmates. I am not sure if I can do it but I will do my best. Every week we have to make a presentation and next week I plan to present about health insurance. I need to make a survey about it too. I want to know how many people have health insurance and how many people have no insurance.

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