Saturday, September 3, 2011

cleaning his room

A few weeks ago I cleaned my son’s bedroom. I wanted him to sleep in his own bedroom. I changed the beddings, pillow cases, and put up new curtains. He asked his daddy to fix his TV to make it work and I was thinking to paint the room but we did not have enough time. I cleaned up his toys and donated the toys that he does not use anymore. I put the educational toys for kids that my friend Cecile gave to them in his room because he likes them.

After I cleaned up his bedroom he has been sleeping in there every night, he said that he likes it. He likes his bedroom now because he can watch shows on TV without fighting with his daddy for the remote so he can watch what he wants to. Sometimes he gets mad at his sisters because when he is not home his sisters stay in his room and make a mess. I still need to put more stuff in his room I think he needs childrens play furniture there. Yesterday he asked me if I would buy him a wall clock and a night stand table. I told him I could as long as he is going to sleep there every night.


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  2. Thanks for sharing! My son used to crawl into our bed all of the time as well. Recently, he's been into going on our old computer and reading kung fu panda digital books for children from I approve of his doing so (educational and fun), and it winds him down at night so he likes to sleep in his own bed.

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