Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i like coupons

Yesterday I got off from work early and went to the college. I went to change my class schedule for next week. My previous schedule did not fit my work schedule so I changed it. I went to talked to the advisor again and told her about my concerns. She was helping me choose what class I need to take and she let me take another test. I was really busy yesterday. I got home late I never even had a chance to pick up my son at the school.

When I got home my sister in law was there watching my kids, she handed me all the junk mail. I like junk mail with all the coupons. I found one coupon to go see an Orthodontist for teeth whitening. I am not sure when I will go back to see the dentist again I would like to have the teeth whitening so that I can smile all the time. I cut out all the coupons that I found in the paper and saved them for my next trip to the grocery store. My sister in law was talking about the coupons and how she saves with them. I think it is good that there are always coupons that we can use for the things that we need.

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