Friday, August 26, 2011

custom iPad sleeves

It would be nice to have a new Ipad I could carry it with me everywhere I go. Ipad is the latest technology that I would like to own. It is very cute and handy. I could take it with me to work at the school or to the baseball game of my son and use it while I sit down in the bleachers. If I had one I could be online twenty four seven and play games anytime I wanted to. I could put more apps on it. I think it would be cool. Ipad has very cool stuff and I wish I could afford to have one.

That is why I can not have one right now because it is still too expensive, I am waiting for the price to go down. hopefully next year I can afford to buy one. If I had an Ipad someday I would have to make sure that I took care of it. I mean it is expensive so I need to take good care of it by putting a horizontal sleeve cover on it. That would protect and cover the Ipad helping it to last longer. I could also put a vertical sleeve cover on but that depends on which one I like. Both sleeve covers would protect the Ipad so either one I used would be good.

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