Saturday, August 20, 2011

busy husband

I am waiting for my husband to get up from his bed so that we can go to the store to buy some paints to use for our bathroom. Yes we are going to paint our bathroom today and I am excited. I do not like the color of our bathroom it looks ugly. I let my husband sleep because he is always tired from work. He works as an apartment maintenance man and everyone knows what kind of job that is. Now that it is very hot here in Texas a lot of air condition will stop working. So when he is at work he is busy repairing air conditions.

When there are no broken air condition he is busy fixing things around the apartment and sometime he has to clean up Office Properties at the apartment. Sometimes I tell my husband that I wish I could help him with his job but I am busy too. I work and I am the one who cleans up our house as well, sometimes he helps me. When I am not home he has to take care of our kids and cook food for us. Next week school starts again and it is his job to take our son to school. He will be very busy again.

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