Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Since I arrived here in the Philippines only today that I never go to the store. I always go to the store with my sister and today I only stays home. I got tired of going to town and shop but every time I go shopping I always kept the receipt with me. It is not that I like to keep all the receipt it is very important just in case I might return the stuff that I buy. That is why when the receipt printer from the store is broken it makes me mad. Sometimes my purse are having a lot of receipt in it from my purchases.

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  1. You got a point there, sis. Mahirap na din kasi minsan kakamadali di maiwasan to just pick things up and pay only to find out na there's something wrong pala with the product kaya it's wise talaga to keep the receipts.

    Followed your blog now too :)