Friday, March 18, 2011

Booties perfect for my winter dresses

Guest post written by Gabriela Dunn

I love to wear dresses in winter with tights and leggings. I wear a lot of dresses anyway and I can't stand to wear jeans and pants nonstop, so I wear lots of winter dresses. But I especially love when I find a dress that will work with all seasons and means that I can get even more wear out of it. But one thing that I do need to do is get some booties to wear with dresses because you can't wear bulky boots with more dressy dresses.

So I decided to go ahead and just buy some plain black booties. I went online with my CLEAR-INTERNET to try and find some really simple ones because I want to buy some that will match a lot of stuff with black leggings.

I did find some really cute booties that are going to look perfect with black leggings and basically any dress that I own. Plus I think that they'll make me look slimmer and taller too.

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